You Gotta Start Somewhere

Don’t Be Afraid of Being A Beginner

You gotta start somewhere

You gotta start somewhere, don’t be afraid!

Hey guys just a quick update. Stephen has been working hard trying to get his website up and has already started filling it with devotions. I can tell he has missed writing and organizing his thoughts so it’s been nice to see him doing what he loves and is called to do. It’s a work in progress, but you gotta start somewhere.  We hope you have subscribed if you would like to receive biblical insight directly sent to your inbox.

One thing we have missed is the community while being on the road.  A community where you can share prayer request and chat with other Believers in Christ to build each other up and encourage one another. We hope Stephen’s devotions and website will be a place to have that community of Believers to do all of that.

We’re so excited and if you haven’t checked out his website go check it out and leave a comment that you’ve stopped by. He would love to hear from you!



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