Would You Like To Make A Bracelet

Would You Like To Make A Bracelet?

It was a usual day of school and work.  The day was winding down and we hear,  “Would you like to make a bracelet?”  The gentleman next to us is asking Ella Kate to join him for crafts.  He explains that he does this for free at every campground he goes to.  He had a craft suitcase full of supplies!

Becoming Friends

Ella Kate at this point would politely agree just so she could be finished with school.  I listened closely as they exchanged conversations.  All of a sudden she seemed like such a big girl answering all his questions.  “What’s your name?”, he asked as she sat down.  “Are you left or right handed?” “What grade are you in?”  It was basic questions that was slowly forming a friendship between these two.  She has always loved Pawpaws.  When she was little she called our neighbor Pawpaw Dale.  He was her best buddy.

Lacking Patience

As I listened I noticed how gentle and patient he was.  He was teaching her how to make this bracelet step by step.  I guess maybe I was so intrigued because that is an area I lack.  They spent over an hour making bracelets.  He would get up for coffee or step outside and leave her with instructions of what to do while he was away.  When he returned he always replied with, “good job!”  Just like a pawpaw would do.

What’s His Story

When they finished, it opened a door for us to talk to him and get his story of why he does this.  Him and his wife are retired and travel in their RV.  He said this keeps him busy and his wife does painting.  He scheduled Ella Kate to paint with her first thing the next morning.

An Open Door

Meeting people is always our favorite part of our journey.  God always opens the door for us to ask them about faith and if they know Jesus.  Several hours later we said our goodbyes.  We will fellowship one more time then they will leave our campground Monday morning.  When we part ways, we know we have gained new friends and hopefully will cross paths again somewhere down the road.


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