The Journey Begins

Hey guys! We are finally working on our YouTube channel and would love for you to share it!

For you that may not know, Stephen resigned from the church in December. Living in the parsonage we had to make a few decisions.  One being where we would live.  Well God worked everything out for us! We are loving our journey and hope you come along for us to share what all God is doing and continues to do in our lives.



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  1. Hi. I enjoyed listening to your podcast. Looking forward to new one. It’s good to hear believers out there. Thank you for being sent out onto our nation. And being a light unto the world. It’s good when the salt gets out of the salt shaker. I too along with my wife feel lead 2 get out there in a Class B and do some Ministry / travel. / work camping. Currently I have achieved the American dream. Only to realize God has another idea. In my younger years I did live in a trailer for 3 years. Did some backpacking and traveling through Europe. But now I’m surrounded by an acre and a half of stuff I have to take care of. It is a love-hate relationship. Maybe when God said You shall not covet… It includes your own stuff. Like Isaac and Abraham. Right now we are ready to lay it all down. Business, house ,stuff …… Hit the road. But want it to be the Lord’s will. Not just mine. I’m praying it is. Because it’s a pretty crazy idea. God bless you. Your brother in Christ,

    1. Scott,
      Thank you for reaching out to us and commenting about our podcast. We started this podcast to help others who RV or have an interest in RVing. Plus we wanted to give a message of faith and hope. Living for the Lord is not normal and has its rewards and consequences. We know what you feel like when you speak about “stuff”. It takes much faith to step out into a world with no boundaries. There are days we love it and then there are days we question if this is the right thing to do for our family. In the end, we want God to look at us and say, “Well done!”

      We just said to each other yesterday that we needed to get back into the podcasts. We’ve been pulled in a few different directions lately but we’re looking forward to new episodes! Thank you for your interests and for listening. If you ever have any suggestions or topics that you would like for us to address our opinion about, just let us know. We hope everything works out for your great journey as well. You will do what you want to do, when you put your heart into it nothing will stand in the way. God bless you for being a light in this dark world.

      Stephen & Stephany

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