Spring Park, Tuscumbia AL

Spring Park, Tuscumbia, AL

Spring Park, Tuscumbia, AL

We took a little drive up to Spring Park, in Tuscumbia on one of our sunny days to let the kids get out and play.  Spring Park is a beautiful place with several things to do with the family. Tuscumbia is also the home of Helen Keller.  We were so thankful to have a pretty, warm sunny day.

There is so much history in this little park! The kids had a great time soaking up the sun and learning how this little town was formed.  Feeding the ducks were a big hit and just hanging out with family made it a great day!

I think the girls inched their way to the water just to get wet. Not sure what happened here, but I looked just in time to catch this cute shot of all of them laughing.

If your ever in the area of North Alabama, make plans to stop by Helen Keller’s birth place just down the road. You could make a full day of doing both.



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  1. It sounds like an amazing visit. I often wonder why I never visited places that were close to ‘home’ when I was growing up. Enjoy the adventure!

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