New Places and New Faces

It’s exciting going to new places and meeting new people

New Places and New Faces

This new year meets us with enthusiasm and excitement as we discover new places and new faces.  We have been full-time RVing for a year now and there is so much more we want to explore and share with everyone.  I hope this year meets everyone’s expectations.

One thing that never gets old is the people we meet while being on our great journey. It is fascinating to hear other people’s stories and in their accents. I love to ask people where they are from and and listen to their personal adventures. I can’t help but to give a few stories of my own when time permits. But I think that is what makes life so interesting as we travel from place to place.

This truly has made me realize how important people are and how unique we all are. Nothing thrills me more than to sit and talk with other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Especially the ones who are sold out for Christ. I am intrigued how God uses different people and different backgrounds to fulfill such a great commission. I am also amazed at how much people do for Christ.

We all have a story

I am drawn to a few conclusions as I look back over the last year of experiences along our journey. First, we all have a story. We should share our story with others so that we can all be encouraged in one way or another. It’s encouraging to hear what God is doing in the lives of His created ones. I receive so much joy in listening to how God is so great and how He has provided for His own. I also love to brag on what a mighty God we serve!

Second, we should never get too busy to listen to other people. There are some people who just need a listening ear. Sometimes we try to avoid people because we are either too busy or too tired. But you will never know the blessings that you can receive until you take the time to listen to other people’s stories. I even love to share other people’s stories and experiences as well.

Thirdly, we should make our relationships more personal. I’ve learned over the last year that I should be more intentional about knowing people’s names. I know this sounds strange but hear me out. Everyone has a name and everyone is unique and some people are uniquely named. I still need to get better at this but I’m developing a practice of remembering other people’s names. I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken to and didn’t get their names. There is something about names that connect us to people. If you speak to someone today ask them their name and try to remember them. It’s a small world and you never know when you might see them again. I hope that our great journey connects us or reconnects us this year so we can share our stories together.

I hope you stay encouraged and blessed.


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