Laundry Day in the RV

Laundry Day in the RV

Many people ask us how we do our laundry while traveling in our Airstream.  Living in a 180 square feet of space definitely can be challenging at times.  So let’s talk laundry for a minute.  Everyone hates it.  Everyone has to do it.  But today I’m sharing for many RV’ers like us that have to pay to do laundry at the campgrounds.

We did this many times when we first started r’ving a year ago.  We quickly realized paying $3 per wash and dry wasn’t going to cut it for us.  That’s $6 per load!  Now I’m not talking about huge washer and dryers where our family of four could do one load and be done.  These are like little miniature baby washers.  The manufacture knew suckers like us in the campgrounds would have to use them.  Most of them even take credit cards, which is good for us because we never have quarters.

Helpful Tips

Laundry is one thing we definitely don’t look forward to.  In the last year we have found ways to make it easier.  If your RV does not have a washer and dryer, then I’m about to share 4 great tips with you!

Tip #1Wear clothes more than once.

I know most people couldn’t do this.  But hear me out.  Washing your clothes too often can wear them out.  Now this rule only applies if there hasn’t been any spills or a hot sweaty day.

Tip #2 Use a spray bottle mixed with half water and half fabric softener.

We usually wash our clothes for that fresh clean smell.  Just because we want to smell nice doesn’t mean you have to wash everytime.  Just give a little spray of the good smelling stuff and your good to go.

Tip #3Get a portable washer

We purchased a small washer that we keep in our bathroom tub.  We wanted something that did a good job spin drying the clothes.   Just hang them in the camper to finish drying. See it here! 

Tip #4 – Don’t let dirty clothes pile up.

This is key for us.  We try to wash every other day just to keep from having so many to do at a time.  We don’t want a basket full of clothes that is laying in our way.  Also, we only have space to hang a few items at a time in our tiny home on wheels.

Here’s a helpful guide:

  • Underwear: After every wear.
  • Socks: After every wear.
  • Sportswear and swimwear: After every wear.
  • Tops: Two wears.
  • Dresses: Two to three wears.
  • Leggings: Two to three wears.
  • PJs: Three to four wears.
  • Bras: After three to four wears.
  • Pants, skirts, and shorts: Three to four wears.
  • Jackets and blazers: Five to six wears.
  • Jeans: Five to six wears.

The best part about this portable washer is the size.  It is perfect size for our girls to help with laundry!  We don’t always escape doing laundry at the campgrounds because sometimes life is hectic and clothes pile up.  This just keeps us from having to visit there too often.

Happy Laundry Day : )



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