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What is Patreon?

If you’re in the RV world you already know, but if not this may be new to you, so let me explain.  Patreon is a monthly membership platform for creators like us that work many hours providing content but does not sell our work.  We have spent many hours getting on iTunes for our podcasts, writing, videoing and more.  We enjoy sharing our lives and tips with others of our RV life and ministry while traveling.  After a year living full time in our RV,  we have learned and experienced so much.  We are excited to put in the hours that it takes to maybe help someone else that is starting this journey or for those that are just curious of how it all works for us.

Why we joined Patreon?

We have many people that have given to us over the last year and we want to be able to give back in return.  We didn’t know how until now.  Patreon is a way for us to give back in a fun way to those that enjoy following our journey and choose to give.  We will continue to share our journey the same as we have before.  Patreon is just an extra way for us to give back to you. We want to reward those of you who give to us on a monthly basis.

We are so thankful!

We are so very thankful for those that have given.  We pray that God blesses you in a special way.  Your gift has allowed us to do ministry on the road and continue to go where the Lord leads us. You have helped us to be able to give to those God puts in our path to help them with food or gas and share the gospel with them.  This has been a crazy journey but we have definitely experienced God along the way.

We have struggled with how to share more of that side of our journey because it isn’t something that we want to boast about or embarrass anyone publicly.  But we do want you to see God at work and see the need that is out there.  God has definitely provided for us along the way and He has used many of you as resources to help us.  Other social media hasn’t been a good platform for us to share those experiences.  We believe Patreon is going to be a good place for us to do that, along with other fun things to stay connected and in touch with us. Without your support we are limited in what we can do.

Can we still give other ways?

Absolutely! Some have asked us about continuing to give the way they are.  As I said before, nothing has changed except for an additional way to give.  If you choose to give through PayPal or through postal mail please feel free to keep doing so.  Patreon is just an extra avenue.  We always want you to know how thankful we are for you and we want you to continue on this journey with us.

How do I join Patreon?

If you want to receive the extra stuff and want to join us, you can join us here! Or if you want to learn more about us, check out our Patreon page here.  We are hoping to make our goal of 500 Patrons in 30 days so we can share our “More Freedom, Less Junk” that will hopefully become an ebook very soon.  So help us spread the word by sharing our Patreon page with your friends.  We are excited and will keep sharing our blessings and experiences with you.

Please watch this informational video about Patreon.



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