Hello From Yemassee, SC

Thousand Trails | The Oaks at Point South

Hello from Yemassee, SC.  Today we took a walk into our wooded back yard.

We decided to keep walking.  Then we discovered a narrow pathway…Which led us to a bridge.  We then crossed over the old wooden bridge only to find…

That our back yard had a lake.  So then we just started walking around the lake which led to a mile hike. We didn’t know that our simple walk around the park would lead to such a scenic adventure.

We are not limited to a small space. God has given us time to see what He has made. If we had decided not to step out we would have missed this. But the weather was gorgeous at 65 degrees. No way we were staying in on this beautiful day.  Our space maybe limited at times, but we love getting out and exploring when the weather permits.  You can see how beautiful this campground is in the short video below.

Watch Video!


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  1. Beautiful area over there. And the RV looks great as well. The girls are more beautiful every picture I see of them. Love you all. Hi, Molly! from Ringo

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