Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How We Celebrate The Love Day

Valentine’s Day is a very special day in our tiny home on wheels.  Since living in the Airstream we are limited on space.  It doesn’t stop us from enjoying some of the most wonderful holidays though.  We usually let the girls decorate with things that do not have to be stored such as paper hearts and banners.  We bake Valentine cookies and enjoy our time together. But most importantly we talk about what love is and where the ultimate kind of love comes from, 1 John 4:8.

How It All Began

I guess this day is so special for us too, because it’s kind of where our love began {see my husbands post below} many of you that are friends with him got to see it yesterday, if you’re not following him and you want to, go here.  He is a wonderful writer.  He writes daily devotions [ you can subscribe for Free here].  He can also be quite funny at times with his Milo’s sweet tea and Wal-mart post.

Show Someone You Love Them

He is not normally an affectionate person.  But on this day he is the hero and makes Valentine’s very special for our girls.  He strives to show them what to look for in a husband (for when that day comes).  But his biggest goal of a father is to show them love.  We have learned in this past year that material things do not matter.  If you live in an RV you also know things accumulate fast.  We are big on moments and making memories.  He tries to make each moment special.  So today he will show his love in the most special way he possibly can.  We will give a million hugs and kisses and I’m sure the day will end with a Netflix movie all about love.

So share your favorite love stories and best gifts for Valentines with us in the comments and remember to show someone today that you love them.  Kindness and words go a long way.

Love from The Dedman’s



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