Our First Year Living In An RV and We Survived

Our First Year Living In An RV and We Survived!

It’s been a year since we sold everything and started living full time in our RV. We have loved every second, every moment and every memory…well except for the accident.  We have learned a lot, but most importantly we’ve learned to make each moment count and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Beginning Lessons

I can’t believe a year has gone by already.  It was freezing cold, the camper was over weight and we had worked all morning trying to get last minute things finished so we could leave.  It didn’t work out as planned which might have been a good thing.  You see it was a good “beginning lesson” for us that it all wasn’t going to be great and wonderful on this “great journey”.

We videoed to keep us accountable

It is hard to sum up a year in a 14 minute video but I did it.  I wanted these moments all in one place.  I wanted to remember these days forever.  We had said early on that we would share this journey not so much for everyone else but for us. So that we would always have it.  We videoed to keep us accountable. Well we did video, but we got so busy at times we were not great at the sharing part. I am thankful we still have the videos and I hope at some point I can get them uploaded. But for now I’m just going to share this almost 14 minutes of a year in a glance.  We saw birthday’s and holiday’s come and go. We had moments that were awesome like being at Disney and walking on the beach in California, but we also expierenced some tough times like being without our camper for 19 weeks after the accident. That’s right, 19 weeks!  It was some of the toughest weeks for us (which is why we bought the Airstream). I’ll write about that in another post.

Take the good with the bad

We definitely learned a few things along the journey, we met some awesome people and we grew closer as a family.  You can actually live with less and still have a pretty awesome life.  We learned you take the good and bad days.  One of our highlights was going to Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN to hear our old Pastor Steve Gaines that taught us when we were in our 20’s.  We got to see family more than we ever have since being married.  Our girls got to play and hang out with cousins.  Some of our best things that happened on our journey were the unplanned. Like moments we found ourselves taking wrong turns or staying in Walmart parking lots.

States we visited the first year

New Mexico
South Carolina

We have enjoyed this past year.  We’re thankful for all the Lord did in our lives and look forward to all the things to come in the future.  You can watch the full video here.



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