Awkward Moment

Awkward Moment

It can be an “Awkward Moment” when you meet new people.

Ella Kate met a friend today her name is Ryleigh. They talked about homeschooling and where all they have been, their doggies even got to meet. They had a lot in common, but it didn’t start out that way.

Yesterday Ryleigh came running up to us while we were walking back from the clubhouse. It was awkward and you could tell she was nervous. Looking for anything to say just so she could meet this little girl she had spotted that was close to her age, later she would learn is Ella Kate.

Ryleigh explained she was 7 years old and was over on another campsite with her dad. She had other siblings but never mentioned her mom. It was getting dark so I told her Ella Kate could play another day. When we got in the camper Ella Kate said “that was awkward.”

The door was opened

This little girl was so anxious to play she came knocking on our door today. The girls sat out at the picnic table and talked and later we all went for a walk. We got the opportunity to find out about her mom and how she lived in another state with the other siblings of Ryleigh’s. We got the opportunity to talk to her about church and how she gets to go with her grandmother sometimes.

Ella Kate slowly began to realize she wasn’t awkward at all, she just needed a friend. She indeed became that friend and even went to the clubhouse with us and spent most of the evening with us. At the end she asked could she give us all a hug. My heart broke a little and wanted to go into momma mode but I didn’t. Instead I’m asking the Lord to protect and comfort our new little friend.

Sometimes God just calls us to be a friend. I pray we never take an awkward moment to let us miss His message. May we always see others as a child of His.


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